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Let Tango Transfix Your Mind and Body

What do you think of when you hear the word Tango? Does it conjure up images of beautiful couples with incredible physiques effortlessly moving around the dance floor? Dancing has an uncanny way of taking your…

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Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

There are so many keys to happiness, and dancing happens to be one of them! Ballroom dancing made its debut in the 16th century, peaking in the 19th and 20th century after the incorporation of…

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“Many people are interested in learning to dance, but are too shy to actually get started…” A lot of folks who walk into a dance studio for the first time are worried about getting the…

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Pictures from Valentines Dessert and Dance February 14th Bloomington Indiana

February 14th the Bloomington Arthur Murray Dance Studios anniversary of opening. Every year we invite the public to participate in a desserts and dance.  The past few years we have had the  joy of live…

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