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Chase Away Those Winter Blues with Sizzling Samba

Let Your Samba Sizzle

Samba is a sensual, sexy style of dance hailing from the African people in Brazil who infused African dance culture with Latin American in the late 16th Century. Mostly a solo dance, samba can also be partnered, and has fast quarter beats with a lot of rapid footwork rocking to sultry swaying motions. The rhythm of these motions is what distinguishes samba. Its rounding bounces and steps, and its core softness to the joints make it exciting and hot.  Bringing extra sizzle to this somewhat difficult but fun dance style can be done with a few suggestions. 

Perfect the Samba Bounce Action

This rhythmic, gentle action is the very basis for samba, since all the beats and moves come from this rhythm. Anchored by the ankles, most of the movement is in knees and hips. Flexing forward with the knees on the first half of the beat, then backwards on the second half, with the hips moving along with the knees. The bounce action is slight, with very little head and shoulder movement. Without this basic action, there is no samba.

Whip the Whisk

The samba whisk is a crossing step to the left and then to the right, while of course keeping the bounce action. To the left, the right leg steps behind the left leg, and then to the right, the exact opposite action. In rhythm with the bounce, the knees and the hips provide a semi-circular motion into the step, with emphasis on a whip of the hips. The whisk should be smooth and rounded, without the slightest stiffness, which is accomplished by holding the front left—and right—step a partial beat longer than the step behind. This is what gives you that sensual whip.

Circle the Hips and Torso

A technique that adds extra sexiness to these basics is to gyrate your hips and torso. Almost as if you’re using a hoola hoop, the hips do a full circle in rhythm with the bounce action. With help from the torso, the circle provides a swaying twist to all of the samba moves, accentuating them and making samba stick out as one of the sexiest dance styles.

So if samba is in your joints, your rhythm, and especially heart, then call the Arthur Murray Dance Studio to make it happen! Call Arthur Murray and you’ll see just how this is done! Dance on it to our location at: 1711 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.  Or call us at: (812) 334-0553.

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