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Bloomington, Indiana – Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

Argentine Tango Bloomington Dance Lessons

Learn to dance Argentine Tango today!

Dance in Bloomington every Tuesday night starting at 8:15.  Practice the skills needed to master this dance.

The Argentine Tango can be described as a way of life.  A style of music and dance, It is a fusion of many different cultures.  Springing up from the neighborhoods of Argentina in the late 1800s. The dance spread to Paris along with its music and became popular all across Europe.  Learning this dance will help develop an intimate knowledge of the dance connection and music.


Argentine Tango Closeup   The hold of Argentine Tango is very flexible.  Many people try to compare this style with American or International Tango.  The “Embrace” has more in common with Latin dance holds than these other branches of the Tango family.  A relaxed position that both partners can expand and contract in allowing for comfortable movement.

   The walk in Argentine Tango allows leaders and followers to dance in opposition movement as well as parallel movement.  This ability helps to create the free form improvisational movements that give this dance it’s appeal.

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