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Dancing with a Partner Helps You Exercise

The benefits of ballroom dancing are well-documented. Think about it: Mastering the steps and learning how to maneuver around the ballroom burns a lot of calories. And when you have a partner learning the steps with you, it also becomes a social activity that breeds positivity.

Although not typically thought of as a form of exercise, this fun activity not only improves your physical health but your psychological well-being as well. So, if you’re ready to take the first step below are five benefits of dancing with a partner.

Increased Strength

When you learn ballroom dancing with a partner, not only do you increase your strength but you also increase your endurance. Ballroom dancing uses every muscle on your body. Because ballroom dancing involves a lot of spinning, turning and strutting, both male and female ballroom dancers usually have to-die-for legs. These force-intensive actions require more strength when compared with regular dance moves.

The Endurance Factor

Strength and endurance go hand in hand, so learning ballroom dancing with a partner maximizes these health benefits. Each time you dance with your partner and work on lifts, twist and turns, you’re conditioning yourself to do these moves with less fatigue.


Flexibility is also key benefit of ballroom dancing. While women are typically more flexible than men just by nature, both genders can benefit from ballroom dancing. When you join a ballroom dancing class, you will likely begin with stretching exercises to protect against injury, as well as to prepare your body to be able to perform the dance steps with greater ease. Since many ballroom dances moves require a lot of stretching and bending, increasing flexibility is a must.

Mental Health Benefits

Since ballroom dancing is a communal activity, it has many positive effects on your mental health. Studies show what is already common knowledge: Being around other people builds up your social circle, and socializing can build a positive outlook as well as increase your self-confidence. Joining a ballroom dance class with a partner is an excellent way to accomplish this.

Ballroom dancing opens the door for new friendships, rekindled romance and healthier lifestyles. For many, ballroom dancing with a partner becomes much more than a fun way to pass the time– It becomes a positive lifestyle change that keeps getting better.

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