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Does Dancing Make You Smarter?

As beautiful and graceful as dancing is, it’s hard work! And anyone who has watched a dancer perform is sure to agree. Not only does it melt calories, but it takes dedication and determination. But dancing is more than a means to stay physically fit. Did you know that dancing can make you smarter?

A recent study performed by Albert Einstein College of Medicine revealed that dancing can improve brain health. The study’s research centered around the positive effects of the brain. Specifically, the research focused on the following four factors and how they relate to dancing:

  • Memory
  • Stress levels
  • Sense of well being
  • Serotonin levels

Studies show while exercise is beneficial for an individual’s overall healthy, there were only a set group of exercises that had the biggest impact on cognitive skills. These exercises included biking, swimming and you guessed it, dancing!

Dancing incorporates different brain functions that are stimulating such as music, rational thinking and an emotional sense of well-being. Since music is enjoyable and soothing, it naturally stimulates the brain and lower stress levels. In addition, dancing creates the emotional sense of well-being by focusing on the activity itself and staying coordinated with your partner.  This combination of creative thinking and recreational benefits is the fiber that ties the physical and psychological benefits together.

But what’s the scientific reason behind dancing that makes us smarter? The hippocampus and cerebral cortex in our brains are very elastic and are consistently revamping themselves after each use. And as you’ve probably guessed, dancing uses these two elements of our brains and increases the amount that’s revamped. Simply put, the more these elements are revamped, the better. This is what keeps our brans healthy and strong.

And since studies have shown that’s these two areas of our brains are most affected by the aging process, repetitive stimulation is what keeps us sharp and ready to learn.

Every time you try something new, such as dancing, your mental capabilities improve. By keeping your brain active, your overall brain health is maintained, thus making your smarter and less likely to forget things.

Dancing is an optimal way to stay both physically fit and mentally sharp. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a newbie or have been cutting a rug for years, finding out that your favorite pastime is also good for your brain is just another marvelous reason to do more than tap your toes.

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