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East Coast Swing: Not Just for the East Coast

East Coast is one of the dances that allows you to enjoy different kinds of upbeat music. East Coast Swing is characterized by three possibilities: single rime (The Jitterbug), double time and triple time. It’s a high-energy dance that gets the party started no matter where you are!

East Coast Swing evolved from Lindy Hop. Probably best known forms of Swing are the Charleston, Shag and Black Bottom.  From there, the Swing continued to blossom into a dance form of its own!

So, if you looking for reasons why you should do more than tap your toes, below are five that will get you moving.

It’s great exercise. You will burn lots calories without even realizing it. There have been a lot of people changed in their lifestyle was adding dancing to it. Plus, East Coast Swing and Lindy hop are very active and aerobic dances.

Social Interaction. You meet lots of interesting people. Your smartphone can do a lot for you, but it doesn’t know how to dance.

Stress release. Exercise such as swing dancing has been found to help reduce depression and stress by releasing these “feel good” chemicals in your body.

Relationships. Studies show that activities that build strong relationships are those that have the persons focused on each other rather than something external. Swing dancing requires a certain level of non-verbal communication that strengthens relationships both romantic and platonic.

Creativity/ Brain development. Learning a new skill creates neural pathways in your brain. Learning lindy hop teaches body helping you master difficult movements. Dancing is also a great creative outlet and you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy it!

Avoid the Meat Market. For the most part, swing dancing scene provides a way to go to a club and enjoy yourself without being objectified. Most dancers go just to meet others and not necessarily to “pick them up”.

Most of all, Swing is FUN!! It’s hard to find people not smiling when they are swing dancing. Remember, there are no mistakes, only new moves.

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