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Finding the Perfect Dance Partner Doesn’t Have to be Hard

The art of dance is magical, but it also takes work. Choosing the right dance partner can be tricky work. Taking advantage of the right opportunities can make it fun, though, and The Arthur Murray Dance Studio can show you ways to keep the joy in finding a perfect dance partner!

Use Your Studio or Class

What better way to locate a partner than the people right in front of you? If you attend a dance studio or class, odds are great that others in the class also need a partner. This gives you a convenient opportunity to screen them, since you’ve gotten to know and observed these other dancers anyway.

Attend Competitions

As with a studio or class, you’re surrounded by other dancers. Even better, those dancers are trying their best as they compete, while displaying what kind of dancers they are. This is a perfect chance to sample who might be the best fit for you.

Advertise Yourself Online

Online ads can be daunting, but staying positive and practical makes it easier. Narrowing down the search is actually simple if you use one rule:  honesty. It’s always the best policy when choosing any kind of partner. Dance is no different. Make it clear just want you’re looking for in a partner. Your 3 main criteria that should sync with a potential partner are:

Compatibility – Conflicting personalities make for bad dance partners, since your personality is expressed in your dancing. A rigid and competitive dancer won’t do well with someone simply looking to have fun. Be sure it’s the right person for you before considering their dancing ability.

Scheduling – Practice makes perfect, and practice needs to be scheduled. If your partner’s schedule conflicts with yours, then practice doesn’t happen, and your dancing skills suffer. Practice times need to be firmly established. It’s also important that your partner practices the same way you do. An intense practice session may be your style, but no fun for your partner.

Goals – You want to win the next competition, but your partner couldn’t care less. This simply won’t work. Respecting each other’s ability is one thing, but if your goals differ, then you’re wasting your time. Let your partner know explicitly what you want to achieve.

The perfect dance partner makes all the difference. Call Arthur Murray and you’ll see just how this is done! Dance on it to our location at: 1711 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.  Or call us at: (812) 334-0553.

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