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Get Ready to Get Foxy: Learning the Fox Trot

Picture it: You’ve walked into the venue and scan the room: flowers are on the tables, guests are enjoying their appetizers, and the band is playing a smooth cover of Frank Sinatra but something feels off.

You’ve been down this road here before…the company holiday party, the wedding, the anniversary or even your own birthday bash. Whatever the reason for the soiree, you must to make a decision about you’re going to spend the rest of your night.

Are you going to stand by the bar? Sit alone at the table? Mingle with the same friends? Do what’s familiar and easy? Rinse and repeat.

YAWN… are you bored or just boring?

Why not shake things up and make this party one you’ll remember?

Social gatherings vary in terms of the venue, but one thing they have in common is the music. Sometimes it’s a DJ spinning the latest hits, and other times it’s a live band serenading the room with classic melodies.

And when the band plays a timeless piece from Frank Sinatra, many a party goer will don a smile and hit the dance floor. This type of music accentuates the first and third beats, making it the perfect choice to learn the Foxtrot.

Evoking smooth motions, the Foxtrot has been deemed the Rolls Royce of ballroom dancing. First introduced in 1914 by Harry Fox, his whimsical trotting steps to ragtime music earned the title of “Fox’s Trot”.

The dance provides variety and flexibility in movement because of its two slow steps followed by two quick steps, giving dancers a combination of rise and fall motions.

Mastering this dance helps you embody the smooth quality and graceful movement, giving you that confidence boost when walking across the room.

It’s an easy to dance to learn, and once you have it down, you’ll be the lie of the party.

After you learn the three basic moves of the basic step, foxtrot promenade and corner step, you’re all set. So, the next time you’re at a party and your favorite oldie starts to play, don’t stand on the sidelines! Grab a partner and hit the dance floor. The trick to ballroom dancing is that involves two people, which ultimately helps develop your social skills.

And it’s okay if you miss a step! The point is to allow yourself to move to the music and share the moment with your friends and family. Oh, and the view from the dance floor is so much better than the one from your seat at table 5. Take our word for it!

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