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Get Yourself Prom Ready with Today’s Hottest Moves

You can’t have a prom without dancing. This requires knowing some of the hottest dance moves of today. A great sample is some moves from famed dancer and recording artist Jordyn Jones. Here are some of her favorites.

Slide, Roll, Down

Swing the left arm in an arc to the left, then roll both fists like you’re rolling a piece of rope while thrusting your pelvis foward, then thrust both arms down toward the floor on either side of your hips, while thrusting your right hip out and back.

Push and Roll

Swing the left arm again in arc to the left, but this time leading your whole body into a 270 degree spin, ending with the right foot in a half step behind you. Then both elbows come up shoulder height and thrust back while snapping the fingers.

Twist and Punch

A variation on the classic twist dance move, this involves reaching up and to the right with your right arm and snapping your fingers once with each beat. There are two beats. So the move looks like: two classic twists with a slight toe kick, the right arm staying up and to the right, snapping the fingers with each twist.

Arm Swing

A simple move made fun with a rapid beat. Your knees bend with each beat, with your left hand resting on your left thigh, your left elbow bent, while your right arm swings back and forth on the beat.

Advanced Arm Swing

Using the simple arm swing as a base, this time both arms are used, swinging opposite each other. Your knees will also raise and step slightly to the side with each beat as well.

Turn and Drop

This sequence is a bit more difficult. A quick swing outward of the right arm to the right, while the right foot kicks forward into a hop. Then the left arm swings in the same direction—to the right—while the left foot kicks into a hop. With each hop, your hole body turns 90 degrees to the right until you come full circle. At the end, you bend your knees, with both hands resting on your thighs, elbows thrust out.

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