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Group Dance Will Get You Moving!

Jimmy and Dani at dance camp with everyone

You might not think of yourself as a dancer, and in fact, idea of dancing may even make your palms sweat. But growing evidence suggests that getting up and grooving is good for your health!

Humans naturally want to get up move when we hear a good beat. It makes us want to move. You might find yourself tapping your foot in time to a song on the radio, or bobbing your head (if not whole body) at a concert. Babies even do it!

Throughout history, humans have danced together in groups. And with a rise in dance activities, there choices are practically endless! You can try everything from Zumba to salsa, to ballroom dancing. It’s pretty safe to say that dance parties are here to stay. Albeit dance lessons or a night on the dance floor, dancing is the best way to build new friendships.

In addition to making new friendships, positive social interaction releases the “happy chemicals” in your brain. Typically released when we exercise, endorphins give us a rush, making us feel happy. Attending group dance parties can have the same effect, particularly when done with friends.

Dance, Dance, Dance

There are two kinds of people in the world: dancers and spectators. Right now, you might be a spectator. But it gets pretty boring after a while, doesn’t it? Going to group dance party lets you jump that hurdle! It’s a simple promise, but an easy one to keep. Dancers are always in the thick of fun, regardless of the scenario!

Even if you think you aren’t the type, going to a group dance party lets you zero in on your creativity. Dancing allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin without being in the spotlight.

You connect with others while being more aware of yourself. Dancing helps you to gain a better understanding of what your body can do without feeling awkward or clumsy. Dancing freely allows you to disconnect and love the skin you’re in!

Break the Boredom

Have you ever felt like car whose headlights are fading, getting more and more dim? Life should always fun, so there’s no excuse to ever be dull. Whether you are 6 to 65, dancing isn’t restricted to any age group, social status or gender.

Anyone can harness the power of dance! to shake up their life. To learn more about group dance lesson, contact Arthur Murray and join the party!

Dance on it to our location at: 1711 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.  Or call us at: (812) 334-0553.

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