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Let Dance Chase Away Your Winter Blues

There are numerous benefits to dancing and taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray in Bloomington, Indiana.  From increasing your cardiovascular activity to making new friends with shared interests, dancing improves self-confidence and self-esteem by providing an opportunity for people from different walks of life to express themselves and learn something fun and new.

So, if you are dealing with low self-esteem or doubting yourself, here are four ways in which dancing can help you gently overcome these limiting beliefs:

Negative Body Image

Dancing can increase self-esteem and your own body perception as it tones your muscles and improves the mind/body connection. Building those muscles allows you to control everything from the way you stand, the way you walk, and even the way you smile.  It’s that amazing connection that allows you to feel better.

Fear of Looking Ridiculous

Do you feel as if you have “two left feet?” Too uncoordinated? The beauty of recreational dancing is just that! When you dance for fun, the anxiety of bad timing and looking awkward starts to fade away as you learn new movements and increase confidence. It allows you to learn from both professional teachers as well as other peers.  Every dancer must start somewhere and letting your uncertainty of how you look be left at the front door will help you relax.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Dancing helps accept your body as it is and appreciate your own beauty. It also allows you to change the perception of yourself from your worst enemy to your best friend. It also allows you the opportunity to see that others might also struggle with certain moves or turns.  Don’t allow self-doubt to slow you down.  You are just as good as other beginning dancers!

Living in the Past

Because dancing pushes you to be in the present, it increases self-esteem by keeping you grounded and flowing along with the ups and downs in life, letting go of the stress and worries that can weigh you down. Dance is an outlet that can help you look forward, both emotionally and figuratively, because it allows your body to create new movement and emotions.  The new dance moves you work on are the first in helping you move from the past to the present.

Are you ready to start dancing? Let Arthur Murray teach you the moves you love the most! Call today for more information.

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