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Samba: Time to Infuse Energy into Your Party

Once only a colorful street dance from the Brazilian Carnival, the samba is an exciting dance style filled with energy, movement, and pace. Structured around rolling drum rhythms with twisting, staccato steps, the Samba is a vibrant, showy dance that gets your adrenaline flowing.  If you are the life of the party, the samba is for you. It gets you out on the dance floor and inspires other to do the same!

When the samba was first introduced in 1929, it became an overnight sensation. Like other types of Brazilian dances, the music amalgamation of Latin American and African rhythms. The samba is a festive, light-hearted dance that’s performed all around the world.

Characteristics of Samba

Before samba became a ballroom dance style, there were many different styles of partner dances as well as solo samba dances.

Similar to solo samba, partnered ballroom samba has a quick beat that requires plenty of fast footwork. The primary characteristics of the samba are the steps taken on quarter beats and a rocking, sexy swaying motion of the dancers.

Samba Action

The major action of samba is the “samba bounce action,” which gives the dance its unique look and feel.

The samba bounce action is a gentle, rhythmic action that’s felt through dancer’s knees and ankles. Samba dancers must strive to make this action appear effortless and carefree. The bounce action can be tricky to master, but it’s the foundation of the overall character of the samba.

Samba Music

With its distinctive rhythm, samba music is highlighted by original Brazilian musical instruments, including the tamborine, chocalho, and cabaca. Samba is danced to music with a tempo of about 100 beats per minute. The fast and energetic rhythm of samba music always encourages spontaneous dancing.

Even better is that this festive, upbeat dance not only gets your guests on the floor but it burns up to 500 calories an hour! That’s better than having you cake and eating it too!

The benefits of dancing have been scientifically proven, to name a few: your heart rate, endorphins and increased energy. It’s a creative expression and euphoric energy that transcends every obstacle and can only be described in one way: Samba! It’s so good for the soul! 

So, what are you waiting for? Say good-bye to the DJ and hello to “let’s samba baby” at your next party! Come samba with us at Arthur Murray Dance Studio!

Dance on it to our location at: 1711 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.  Or call us at: (812) 334-0553.

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