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Start the New Year Using Dance to Get Healthy

With 2018 underway, you probably already written your list of resolutions. And we bet, getting in shape sits high on the list! Just about everyone wants to slim down and live a healthier life, but with family and work demands, it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym. So, how can you keep your New Year’s resolutions while juggling work and family obligations? Dancing, of course!

Dancing is a very common form of exercise or self-expression.  Whether it’s on stage, at an event, or just in your bedroom, everyone dances. People are sometimes embarrassed of their moves and they may think they can’t dance.  But let’s face it, if you can walk, you can dance. There are many styles of dance and so many ways to move your body that no one could ever get bored.

Below are five reasons why dancing is a must in 2018:

Dancing is Good for Your Heart

Dancing provides a great cardiovascular workout that can be done anywhere without having to go to the gym. You don’t fancy workout tools; you don’t need weights or machines. Literally, all you need is yourself.

The workout you get from dancing varies depending on the type of movements you perform. For example, at the end of an hour-long ballroom lesson, participants have stretched multiple muscle groups and burned both fat and calories.  

Social dancing offers a higher level of cardiovascular benefit because you’re performing higher-intensity exercise for a long period of time. But if you’re doing technical skilled dancing such as ballet, usually, you’re doing quick bursts with alternate periods of slower, less intense moves.

Dancing also improves fine motor skills also stand to benefit, in both children and aging adults. Even though it seems like a highly specialized form of dance, you’re improving fundamental principles of movement that every individual need to acquire to be able to go from a baby crawling on the floor to kneeling, walking, running.

Lower Stress Levels

When you dance, you can feel the stress levels melt away.  You can just move and dance to the rhythm of your favorite song, letting both your body and mind run free of worry. It really helps to take time out of the day to take a class and just have fun and be happy.

Dancing Brings About Positive Change

Finally learning a new dance and bonding with others allows positive energy to flow. Self-expression and social factor creates a positive environment, which becomes your happy place; it becomes something you look forward to as opposed to wishing you didn’t have to hit the gym.

Whether you are a newbie or just looking to brush up on your moves, Arthur Murray in Bloomington, Indiana has something for everyone. Inquire today and dance your way to healthier you in 2018!

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