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The Best Halloween Dances to Learn

Ah, Halloween.  The only day when cosplayers at the top dogs. Apart from an Instagram-worthy costume, what else could you need to make Halloween the best that it could possibly be?

Dance moves

No amount of costuming prowess can disguise ineptness on the dance floor if you are not adequately prepared to howl at the moon.

Whether you’ve already got all the moves you’ll ever need, or you’re just learning the basics of fox trot, we dare you to add these must-haves moves to your Halloween repertoire!

The Monster Mash

Coined the easiest of Halloween grooves, The Monster Mash involves only a minimal amount of footwork and simplistic arm motions. But like most types of dancing, doing the Monster Mash by yourself is a pretty unsatisfying affair.

You will end up looking like an outcast monster with no friends to get down and mash with. So make sure you teach all your friends before you hit the town!

Disclaimer: You don’t need to dress like a monster to do the Monster Mash. This dance doesn’t discriminate based on your costume. Keep in mind that the Monster Mash may not be for everyone; if you suddenly feel the urge to be anywhere but where the Monster Mash is going down, find a friend. If they’re a good friend, they’ll make you do it anyways. 


No one can ignore this rhythm when they hear this song. You assume the position: know the one where you make dinosaur arms in front of you, and pace back and forth like a zombie. But for some reason, no one ever bothers to learn the entire dance, the exact same way no one ever bothers to learn more than the main chorus of the song. But left and right slides that are infinitely cooler than the Cha Cha, Thriller is everything you could ask for in a Halloween dance. So why not learn the entire thing and wow your fellow zombies, MJ style? 

 The Time Warp

Just in case you didn’t know, the Time Warp is from creepy the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The Time Warp is one of the easiest dances to learn because the song continually provides you with line-by-line reminders. Brush up on your left versus right before the song starts so you don’t jump right into your fellow ghouls. After that, you’re ready to dance the night away!

With these three quintessential moves in your dance arsenal repertoire, you’re sure to make a lasting impression this Halloween! 

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your dancing shoes and hit the floor! 
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