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Turkey Trot Your Way into Thanksgiving

People dancing the Turkey Trot

Dancing the Turkey Trot is the only exercise you’ll need today, it’s also the only exercise you will be capable of doing after your big feast.

But the Turkey Trot wasn’t always a fun holiday song complete with twisty dance moves, before that, the Turkey Trot was a the Turkey Trot was a popular early 20th century dance (it actually dates back to 1895). It’s a fast step best done to speedy ragtime jam.

Driven largely by younger people the turkey trot quickly lost popularity as the Foxtrot which is a much more conservative dance, rose to popularity in 1914.

It’s basic step consisted of four hopping steps sideways with the feet apart, first on one leg, then the other with a characteristic rise on the ball of the dancer’s foot. The dance was also embellished with scissor-like flicks of the dancer’s feet combined with fast trotting actions with abrupt stops.

It’s been said that dancers John Jarrot and Louise Gruenning introduced this dance around 1909. After being denounced by the Vatican, the dance exploded in popularity.  Many felt that the positions assumed by the dancers were offensively suggestive. Conservative members of society proclaimed the dance promoted immorality and tried to get it banned at public functions. In turn, this only increased its popularity.

Interestingly, there were reports of dancers being fined because their Turkey Trots were deemed by the courts as disorderly conduct. Obviously, this went by the wayside and today, we happily perform the Turkey Trot and just about any other dance move we can think of!  

Dance Characteristics

The Turkey Trot has smooth gliding steps with a strong heel lead, controlled movement and an easy-going look.  It has less rise and fall than the Waltz with emphasis on progression.  The Turkey Trot is an all-purpose dance that can be performed to many different styles of music.

Why You Need to Get Moving

At its core, dancing is an excellent way to burn calories, lose weight, and most importantly, have fun. Dancing brings out the best in you, your partner, and also relieves stress. And since the holidays are upon us, finding ways to relieve stress is more important than ever.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn the Turkey Trot in time for Thanksgiving and you can your fancy footwork on Turkey Day! Grab your dancing shoes and hit the floor! 
Dance on it to our location at: 1711 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.  Or call us at: (812) 334-0553.

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