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Why Dancing with Others is Great for Morale

Dancing is a fundamental part of being a human being. We know this because there is no part of the world where rhythm is ignored. We also know this because we find ourselves tapping our toes to songs we don’t like. We just can’t help it. Our subcortical brain regions turn on, bypassing higher auditory areas, and make us shimmy to “Happy” whether we are a fan of Pharrell’s or not.

But dancing is good for more than just public displays of silliness. It’s linked to many physical, social, and mental benefits.

Believe it or not, dancing is a multi-faceted phenomenon that occurs in all of us. Although forms of dance differ across cultures, dancing with other people is connected to emotional competence, self-esteem, and higher levels of trust and happiness. When you dance, you can lose yourself with or without a partner without having any expectations. Many people considerate a form of healing.

 Although dancing stimulates us both physically and emotionally, there are also cognitive and social elements to it. When you dance, there is greater release of endorphins than during other forms of exercise. It also connects with the emotional centers in your brain. For many people, dancing prompts an emotional release, which is an uncomplicated form of happiness, while for some it can make them cry. It can be cathartic: a letting go of pent-up emotions.”

In addition, many experiments have proven the cognitive benefits of dancing. Dancing also improves spatial awareness, as well as elevating your heart rate and causing a release of feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream.

Dancing also reduce levels of cortisol in our bod– a stress hormone. “That’s another reason why you feel happy and more relaxed after you dance.

And in addition to getting your heart and lungs pumping, the simple fact is that dancing is all about freeing up the body and allowing it to move, which is something many of us tend to do far too little of these days.

Because we spend so much time sitting down and hooked up to technology, we often feel disconnected from our bodies. Dancing makes you feel good because it makes you feel so alive.

It is something you can enjoy at time in your life, no matter what your ability. Dancing makes us feel good because, above all, it’s such great fun. The easiest way to brighten your mood is to take the time each day and focus on the simple things that bring you happiness.

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your dancing shoes and hit the floor! 
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