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Why Salsa Dancing Is Good for Men

Dancing Can Make You Smarter

Learning something brand new like exercise for your brain. It requires quite a bit of complex thinking. Since it requires that you think in a totally different way than you are used to, Salsa dancing puts your brain to work similar the way completing a Sudoku puzzle!

Make New Friends

Even if you have the best group of friends someone could ever have, learning how to Salsa dance opens the door for you to broaden your social circle. There are tons of “salseras” and “salseros” to meet. And even if you only see each other to dance, it’s still a great way to socialize with different people than you normally do and an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone if you’re shy or don’t get out much.

Interesting and Healthy Alternative

If you choose to, going to the local pub, sitting on the couch playing with your phone or going out to eat are perfectly acceptable ways to spend your free evenings; but how much more fun would it be if you spent that same evening out salsa dancing instead? Not only are you socializing and getting your daily dose of cardio, but you will wake up the next morning without feeling bloated or hung-over the morning after.

Spice up Your Personal Life

Whether you’re single or married, dancing salsa brings people together. Dozens of couples have met when salsa dancing and gone on to have a wonderful relationship.  In addition, many couples found that salsa dancing together strengthened their relationship, brought them closer together and taught them how to communicate better and work together as a team. Besides that, isn’t the thought of going out salsa dancing together a much more entertaining way to spend date night than what you usually do? If you’re single and not looking for anything serious, there’s always plenty of flirting that goes on around the dance floor!

Gets You in Shape

Most dancers have incredibly strong legs, especially their calves! Although you might feel a little sore at first, but once you get the ball rolling, it will become second nature. And since men usually lead, you’ll be using your back, shoulder and arm muscles a lot, so you’ll be putting those hours at the gym to good use! If you’re interested in losing weight, salsa dancing is an excellent way to get started if you treat practice sessions like cardio and use them to work up a sweat!

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