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Cha-cha! Your Way to a Healthier You

Cha-cha! Your Way to a Healthier You

The Cha-cha is an authentic Cuban dance. Enrique Jorrin composed the Cha-cha in the 1950’s while performing with the Group Orchestra America. In an effort to make dancing more appealing, Jorrin composed rhythms that were unexpected, where the melody is marked strongly on the first downbeat. As the group tried out its new sound, the dancers improvised a triple step into the footwork which made a “cha-cha-cha” sound. Consisting of footwork and its eye-catching hip movement, the tempo for the dance is 128 beats per minute and the basic rhythm is 2, 3,4&1, 2,3, 4&1. An excellent way to get and stay fit, it can help you lose weight, build muscle and improve motor skills and coordination, not to mention it can help with anxiety. In just 15 minutes dancing the Cha-cha can burn 36 calories in women, and 42 calories in men.


With a step in any direction you will use the ball of your foot connecting with the floor. Then with the heel when all weight is transferred. When weight is released from a foot, the heel should release first allowing for the toe to stay in contact with the floor.

Hip Movement

These moves are achieved with alternating bending and straightening of the knees. There is a pendular hip movement and a rotary hip movement.

Pendular – the hips swing side to side freely, without twist or rotation. When the hip swings to the right the right hip raises and the left lowers, and vice versa. In the

Rotary – your spine will stay straight and your hips rotate freely around it, without shifting side to side or dipping up and down.

There are many variations of moves but here are a few of the Basic Cha-cha Movements.

Forward facing – position with a forward or back break, alternating with a chasse to the side.

Forward break – taken with the left foot, the back is taken with the right.

The open basic – a progressive version of the Cha-cha taken in open facing position. A forward break with the left foot is followed by a back lock or chasse, and then a right foot back break is followed by a forward lock or chasse.

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