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Getting Social While Learning Samba

Getting Social While Learning SambaDancing is as much a social activity as it is physical. The samba dance especially gives you this opportunity. It helps to bring out your personality. You communicate a lot to your samba partner and to your other studio mates in the way you dance, and the way you go about learning to. This interaction is important for a dance style that emphasizes passion and sexiness, energy and spirit.

Listen to the Music, and Your Partner

You need music to dance, of course, but it can’t just be background noise. You move to the beat and rhythm of music. A particular song or number is specific, with its own emotions and tone. You and your body should be taking each of these beats and rhythms in, absorbing their expression into your dancing. This is especially important with your samba partner. You’re interpreting the music together and learning to dance with each other. Take each other’s lead and listen to their constructive criticism when you get out of sync. Your partner is valuable resource, so accept their help in fashioning your dance graciously.

Practice for a Goal

Practice makes perfect doesn’t just apply to dancing, but to all things, including social interactions. Your dance partner and your dance studio mates are all in this together, to help each other improve. This is done by talking and expressing yourselves to each other. Social situations like that can be awkward but will become easier over time. The more you express your ideas and hang ups and even compliments when you samba with each other, the more precise and even sizzling your whisks, side steps, and squares can be.

Relax and Be with People 

You of course want to improve your dancing, which you do by paying attention and practicing, but don’t forget to have fun! It’s easy for the joy in each of samba’s dance steps to get overshadowed by the work of learning the specifics. Improvement comes with time. Samba’s bouncing and whipping and fast pace is inherently entertaining, so don’t let the technicalities suck the fun out of it. Appreciate whisking around the dance floor with your partner and enjoying the music that brought you out there in the first place.

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