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Let’s Go Do the Hop!

Let’s Go Do the Hop!Time to Go to the Hop!

This song comes from great 1950’s music. Here are some of the best moves for it.

The Stroll

Step to the right across your left, touching the floor lightly with your toe, bring the right back “home,” and then repeat the move. Bring the right across the left, transferring weight to it, and step the left foot a short distance to the left. Bring the right behind the left, and again shift weight so that you can step to the left and support your weight.

The Cha-cha

Standing in a closed dance frame, the lead steps forward with the left foot, shifting weight onto it. Immediately shift the weight back onto the right foot, doing what’s known as the “rock step.” Bring the weight back up to the left, quickly bringing the right foot up next to the left. Do another quick weight shift to the right foot, then back to the left (this is the “cha-cha-cha”). At the original tempo, shift your weight onto the right as it steps forward. Rock back onto the left, and bring the right foot back for another fast “cha-cha-cha.”

The Jitterbug

The jitterbug basic is counted in six counts of music, but there are (in the basic step) only four steps. On counts one and three, you take small steps to the side, and on counts five and six, you do a rock step to the back. Counts two and four are the lengthening of steps on counts one and three. Essentially, the steps you end up with are: slow, slow, quick, quick. More advanced jitterbugging includes:

Cuddle Step: In this step, the follower will more often walk forward than side to side on the slow steps, and the dance partners will change positions often. While jitterbug can be danced ‘open’ or ‘closed’, the Cuddle step allows a lot of movement in addition to a type of ‘sideways hug’ in the middle of the step.

Triple Step: Basically, triple step means that instead of the two initial slow steps, you make two triple steps in their place. The result is that in the first four beats, you take six steps (all small!) instead of two, and eventually you can put turns into it.

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