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Let’s Learn the Electric Slide!

Let’s Learn the Electric Slide!

The electric slide was a very popular dance during the mid to late 70’s. It was choreographed by Ric Silver in 1976 and made most popular being performed to the disco hit Electric Boogie, written by Marcia Griffiths and Bunny Wailer. The series of steps were designed to follow along with the song. Even though the love of disco faded in 1979, some of its charm remains today, shown in the smooth moves of the Electric slide. In the 1990’s, it’s fun and easy nature made it popular again as a country line dance. There are five simple steps.

Step 1 – The Grapevine Right

Take four side steps to your right, begin with your right foot, then left together, step right then left together.

Step 2 – The Grapevine Left

Take four steps now to you left, left foot first, right together, step left, right together.

Step 3 – Two Steps Back

Take two steps back while still facing forward, starting with your right foot then left together.

Step 4 – The Step Touch

Step back onto your right foot, then tap your left foot in place. Step forward onto your left foot then tap your right foot in place behind you. Step back onto your right foot, then tap your left in place in front of you.

Step 5 – Pivot and Brush

Put your weight on your left foot and pivot 90 degrees to the left, simultaneously brushing your right foot in the air. When you land on your right foot this will indicate the first side step in step number 1.

Repeat 1 through 5 as many times as desired. Note: Each repetition will rotate you to face a different direction. As with any dance, adding a personal flare is more than encouraged. Some examples for the slide maybe finger snaps during a toe touch, or a shoulder roll with each step back. You can even try a kick in the air instead of a toe touch.  Another twist you might try for your steps to the left or right during the grapevine crossing your legs one behind the other. The slide is customizable, easy and fun. It’s sure to get any crowd out on the floor making memories.

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