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Time to Dabble with the Dabble

The Dabble (dabbing) was a step that hit the mainstream after Cam Newton, quarter back for the Carolina Panthers, during touchdown celebrations. However, the moves origins came from the Atlanta hip hop community, where credit for the craze mostly goes to Quality Control labeling.

In September of 2015, they released “B*#@ Dab”. Bringing controversy to where credit is due, Skippa Da Flippa’s “How Fast” shows the move and was released in July of 2014. Migos of Quality Control Labeling conceded the credit and Skippa was named the moves creator. In 2015 XXL magazine reported on the popularity of the dance move that they were seeing in clubs and on street corners. This dance move has become so well-known it’s is being done by royals, politicians, and celebrities all over the world, even making its way into video game avatar taunts.

There are countless memes of the dance move and just as many GIFs. Prince Harry has been seen dabbing. Jeremy Corbyn has an animated campaign election ad of him dabbing. A woman even did it during a bill signing in the President’s office. Dabbing has also been done during news casts and on awards stages and during political debates. Even the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta learned the move to appeal to the younger population.


There are many songs with lyrics that mention dabbing, and a variety of music genres that dabbing is being danced to. It’s an easy little move that you can slip into any dance or even as a gesture of triumph. The move is intended show extreme excitement about something. Many jokingly mention its similarity to an exaggerated sneeze.

The Move

Dabbing is quite easy to do.

You point one arm up towards the sky keeping your fingers outstretched and bow your head down to the bent crook of the opposite arm.

Both arms should be at the same angle with both hands pointed.

This move is often incorporated into other dances—the Whip/Nae Nae, for instance.

You see some version of it in a lot of hip hop choreography lately. So, if you’re looking for something to add a little expression to your day, dabble in the Dab.

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