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Top 3 Dance Moves Learned from Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the most influential choreographers in dance history. His ability to push the boundaries of what dance could look like have inspired and been celebrated by many in the dance world for so many years he was dubbed the “King of Pop.”  His moves are some of the most recognizable and innovative that you see so many variations even still in today’s choreography. Jackson was born in August of 1958. His career as a performer started at the early age of six and continued to entertain the world until his death in 2009. Although he can be credited with a barrage of iconic moves there are a few that are the most recognizable and beloved.

The Grab and Thrust

The first trademark moves and easiest to learn would be the Crotch Grab coupled with the pelvic thrust.
Grab the crotch of your pants then stand with knees bent one foot behind the other. Move hips back then thrust the entire pelvis forward. Arm placement for this move often varies.

The Spin

The next is the Spin. this move has been performed for many years, even before Jackson’s time but he threw a new flare into it.
Hop to the right spreading arms out to your sides parallel to the floor. Then cross your right foot over the left pulling your arms into your chest (as if to hug yourself) quickly turn to your left 360 degrees ending facing the same direction you started in.

The Moonwalk

3rd and most famous of all of Jackson’s moves is the Moon Walk. It is best to start out practicing this move wearing only socks and on a smooth surface.
Stand with weight on the ball of the left foot (heel raised) and the right foot flat on the floor several inches behind the left. Slide the right foot back keeping the foot flat to the floor. Then switch your weight to the ball of your right foot (heel raised) and slide the left foot back along the floor keeping the foot flat to the floor.

Dancers all over the world have been influenced by Jackson, and he was referred to as a dancer with the fanciest feet on the street.

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