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Use Dance to Stay in Shape This Winter

Dance has great advantages over any other kind of workout. Exercise regimens become repetitive and dull, which decreases your chances of challenging yourself and your body, and even increases your chance of quitting the exercise altogether. Dancers never have this problem. The convenience, artistic and just plain fun activity of dancing makes boredom impossible. Dance is a perfect remedy for the monotony of other workouts in the winter months.


Cold weather can put a strain on exercise. Jogging in the sunny days of summer and spring are replaced by snow frigid temperatures, driving you indoors, depriving you of the full potential of your workout. This is where dance comes in! Mostly an indoor activity, dancing provides all the cardiovascular, isometric and flexibility training you need. The practice required to develop proper rhythm and step execution will strengthen muscles and sharpen your focus, all within the convenience of your dance studio.


Everyone loves music. It makes you move. This happens with any kind of beat, from the bouncing sultriness of samba, to the elegant control of a waltz, the body can’t help but respond to the sound and rhythm music produces. Dance was created just for this! While your brain, your emotions, and your artistic sense are all serenaded by your favorite music, dancing will bring the full experience to your legs, your torso, and your feet, exercising your lungs and giving you the heart rate of an athlete. Music is intrinsic with dance, and dance will work out every part of you.


All of these things bring you to the biggest benefit from the exercise dance gives you—fun! Dancers love what they do, and that’s because music, along with the activity, provide such a great time. In a class or studio, you can while the hours away in camaraderie with your fellow dancers. Learning new moves, coordinating with partners, and watching other dancers master a style is the height of entertainment. A fun activity puts you deep in a workout, making you forget you’re even exercising!

So if you like a convenient way to work out, and want an activity that marries music and fun, then call the Arthur Murray Dance Studio to give you the best exercise you can get this winter!

Call Arthur Murray and you’ll see just how this is done! Dance on it to our location at: 1711 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.  Or call us at: (812) 334-0553.

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