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Why Learning a Slow Dance Can Help Your Balance

Why Learning a Slow Dance Can Help Your Balance

A slow dance is crucial for balance, especially for beginners. It takes time to learn movements and steps, rhythms and syncing up with music. Learning a slow dance will give you that time you need to perfect your balance and become more comfortable with yourself and even with a partner. Here’s why: 


Many dancers just want to have fun, so they just jump out on the dance floor and start moving wildly and fast. That’s ok, but fun alone doesn’t make you a good dancer. Control is what makes that, and control comes with patience. You only truly learn the mechanics of dance moves in the stillness between the moves. Fast movements rely on momentum, which can also throw you out of control, disrupting your rhythm, and more importantly, your balance. Slow dancing will cultivate this control and encourage patience. 


The chief benefit from patience and control is precision. Stepping, moving, twisting, turning—all of these things look terribly clumsy and flailing if not done properly. Precise steps, carefully crafted twists and turns, and movements that sync up with the music and pace of the particular dance being learned are what help you to be a better dancer. This can’t be accomplished fast. For most beginners, learning is a slow process. This is where slow dancing comes in. Practicing these precise steps at a slow pace will ensure your retention of the movements and number so much better than trying to wing it from a fast routine you can barely make out. 


As a slow dance teaches you patience and precision, the control that stems from this will give you more confidence. This is crucial, since dancing is as much mental as it is physical. If you aren’t sure of your movements and steps, then it’s likely that you’re already off balance, and if you’re off balance, you can’t be confident about the dance you’re learning. Slow dancing will mitigate this anxiety by giving you the time you need to practice your balance. Without confidence, dancing becomes less than enjoyable, and then what’s the point? Ease in to more advanced dancing by slowing things down, which will make you surer of yourself as you proceed.

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